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This month on Doodle Alley we’ll be talking about motivation! How do you get yourself to do what you want to do?

This comics essay is part of a book called Brick by Brick, which I am now raising money to self publish on Kickstarter! Please check out the link for more details!

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The idea of 3D printing is at the forefront of many topics right now, with the 3D printed gun debate and the advancement of the “Maker Movement”. Before the recent introduction of hobbyist 3D printers, this technology was restricted to large companies or academic facilities because of how crazy expensive they are. For and example of how crazy it was to own a 3D printer, the one I used at University was well over $30,000.

Now we have many price realistic options from companies like Maker Bot, Solid Doodle, and Form Labs. However, most of these are still over $1000. For this technology to actually become a part of every home, it needs to be much less expensive. How about $347? Thats right a 3D printer for as much as a new gaming system. Pirate 3D has come up with the Buccaneer, a quality 3D printer they plan to release at the end of 2013. Not only is this printer inexpensive, but also has good looks on its side. With a simple aluminum housing and a clear plastic base, the Buccaneer resembles the ideals found in an Apple product.

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